Will retirement
limit your

Will retirement
limit your

Buy yourself the type of retirement that you want.

Why can retirement limit my lifestyle?

For most Canadians, government pension benefits are not enough to maintain, and much less upgrade, the lifestyle they have grown used to during their working life. In fact, in most cases, government benefits are hardly enough to meet the average basic needs–rent, food, clothing, health care and transportation.

For example, based on the average salary in Canada, the average Canadian receives approximately $14,000 per year in government pension benefits.

Do you really want to enter this chapter of your life, not knowing if your budget will meet your basic everyday needs?

Enrol online in just 8 minutes using the plan identification number provided by your Human Resources Department.

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What can I do about it?

You must buy the retirement lifestyle that you want, therefore ensure additional sources of retirement revenue–and start saving early.

If you haven’t started saving for retirement yet...

Remember that the earlier you start putting money aside (even if it’s just a small biweekly amount), the higher your future income will be.

If you already have an individual retirement savings plan...

Keep in mind that you group plan offers clear advantages over an individual plan, including these: contributions from your employer, lower fees, and automatic payroll deduction with immediate tax refund—i.e., lower net impact on your pay.

What are the advantages of enrolling in my group retirement plan?

Your group retirement savings plan provides you with a simple, effective way to build that needed financial security. It comes with several exclusive advantages that are not offered in individual retirement savings plans.

As soon as you enrol, your employer also contributes; this is additional money toward your retirement that belongs to you–whatever happens–and that you would not get otherwise

Your savings are systematically deducted from your pay, with immediate tax refund

You get 24/7 access to your account and transactions from your desktop or mobile device

You benefit from lower investment management fees than with individual plans

Can you show me an example?

See how your group retirement plan can take you a long way!

A deduction of only $28 per pay for an actual savings of $70.

If you do not contribute
$1,730 Gross salary per pay
_ $0 Plan contributions
You = $0
Your employer = $0
$354 Income tax (Ontario 2015)
$1,376 Your net salary per pay
If you contribute
$1,730 Gross salary per pay
_ $35 Plan contributions
You = $35 (2% of salary)
Your employer = $35 (2% of salary)
$347 Income tax (Ontario 2015)
$1,348 Your net salary per pay

Difference of only


Calculation assumptions

$45,000 annual salary, with 2% annual increase

5% annual performance

Pay every 2 weeks

Income tax rate of 20.47%

Growth potential of your savings over the years

After 10 years $25,185
After 20 years $71,720
After 30 years $154,245
After 40 years $296,860

Reaching your lifestyle-friendly retirement destination does not just happen. But you can build a roadmap to maximize your chances of getting there.

Enrol in your group plan today, and start building your roadmap to increased financial security.

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